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Dog Puzzle Toys Pet Food Dispenser High IQ Development Training Interactive Toy Educational Food Feeder Toys Dog Bowl Wholesale

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    1. Educational toys are very important props in the process of growth and intellectual development. They can enrich the educational environment and lay a solid foundation for intellectual development.

    2. The purpose of training is to improve the intelligence, obedience, concentration and problem-solving ability of dogs.

    3. Through some simple training, it can help dogs to get along with human beings more happily and enhance their feelings with their owners.

    4. Mental activities can help to drain the dog’s extra energy and drive away the boring time.

    5. Keep a list of short, optimistic mental exercises that are fun for you and your dog!


    1.Level 2 / Intermediate dog puzzle.

    2.Hide snacks in bone puzzles to provide stimulation and engaging challenges for your dog.

    3.Easy to clean.

    4.This leaky dish can hold dry and wet food.


    Name: Mobile box

    Material: Eco-friendly ABS

    Effect: Puzzle and Slow Food

    Suitable for: all dog breeds and cats

    Package Included:

    Mobile box*1

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