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Newest Pet Handling Strengthened Leather Anti Bite Protective Gloves Dog Bathing Grooming Training Feeding Safety Work Gloves

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    1,High quality: Made of thickened cowhide leather, it features thickened protection treatment in important position, which is light and tough.
    2,Function: Prevent bites and scratches caused by cats, minks, squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, etc. Prevent hurts caused by birds, poultry, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and other pets. Suitable for garden cutting, trimming, etc.
    3,It protects your fingertips, hands and arms from pain, contagious bites and scratches.
    4,Long gloves protect your entire arm from potential damage and provide a wider coverage than regular gloves.
    5,Application: Designed for gardening, veterinary, animal control personnel, kennel workers, zoo staff, pet shop staff, pet owners, bird handlers, reptile handlers, etc.
    Name:Pet Gloves Handling Gloves Strengthened Leather Anti Bite Protective Gloves for Cat Dog and Gardening Work Gloves

    Material: Cowhide
    Size: total length: about 60cm/23.62in
    Features: Bite-resistant, scratch-resistant, stab-resistant, anti-cutting. It fits arm and features flexible operation.
    Function: Prevent bites and scratches caused by cats, minks, squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, etc. Prevent hurts caused by birds, poultry, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and other pets. Suitable for garden cutting, trimming, etc.

    1. High quality: Made of thickened cowhide leather, it features thickened protection treatment important position, which is light and tough.
    2. Function: Prevent bites and scratches caused by cats, minks, squirrels, chinchillas, hamsters, etc. Prevent hurts caused by birds, poultry, snakes, turtles, crocodiles and other pets. Suitable for garden cutting, trimming, etc.
    3. It protects your fingertips, hands and arms from pain, contagious bites and scratches.
    4.Long gloves protect your entire arm from potential damage and provide a wider coverage than regular gloves.
    5. Application: Designed for gardening, veterinary, animal control personnel, kennel workers, zoo staff, pet shop staff, pet owners, bird handlers, reptile handlers, etc.


    1 pair/pack


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