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Nylon Pet Products Golden Teddy Dog Traction Rope Chain Large Dog Collar P Dog Leash Comfortable Nylon Material 5Colors

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  • Description

    [Commodity name]: Pet P chain traction rope

    [Commodity color]: blue, black, red, brown

    [Commodity introduction]: High-quality wire belts, electroplated alloy locks and plastic accessories! , Firm and sturdy, not easy to break, the integrated design of the collar traction, no need to buy another collar, the neck circumference can be adjusted at will!

    [Operation principle]: Use the P chain to take the dog out. When the dog runs wild, the collar part of the chain will automatically tighten, and the dog will naturally slow down when it is uncomfortable. What should I do if I worry that the P-chain will make the dog uncomfortable and uncomfortable? Don’t worry, when the dog stops frantic behavior, the collar part will automatically relax until it is adjusted to the comfortable size of the dog. The dog is very smart, and it is very clear how to do it comfortably.

    [Training principle]: P-chains usually appear more in dog breed competitions. Whether the dog can obey the owner’s words, walk in a direction, and accompany the owner, basically rely on the credit of the P-chain! Go or stop according to the owner’s password, and use the P-chain to teach the dog what is right during training! It also ensures that the dog will not eat garbage or dig in the grass and other dirty places when traveling~

    【Product specifications】:

    S-diameter 0.6cm, total length 140cm, weight about 40g

    M-diameter 0.8cm, total length 140cm, weight about 50g

    L-diameter 1.0cm, total length 140cm, weight about 90g

    [Notes]: The size and weight are measured manually, and there are errors. All product pictures are taken in kind. Due to the difference in lighting and display, there may be color difference with the actual product. This kind of problem is not a product quality problem, and the actual product received shall prevail.

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