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Portable squirrel pet bag, mesh breathable hamster one-shoulder take-away bag Pet Products Accessories Dog cat Supplies

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    Small Pet Bag Go Out Portable Squirrel Chinchilla Mesh Breathable Hamster One-Shoulder Take-Away Bag


    Pet Takeout Kit for all small pets,effectively prevent the invasion of the cold,so that your pet would like to stay in the bag inside.

    Hamster carrier bag with nylon straps,carry by diagonal or single shoulder,will not cause inconvenience although with a pet.

    Hedgehog carrier bag material – Plastic mesh + velvet outer layer + sponge middle + thin velvet lining

    WE SOLVE:Ordinary hamster cages are large and bulky,do not free your hands.The hedgehog carrier bag can be hung on your shoulder or even feed while walking.

    Children are not strong enough to carry the cage for long time.But the lightweight hamster carrier bag does not have this problem at all unless the little pets are fed very well.

    Hamster Carrier Bag 

    Size:  About 10 inches high and 9 inches wide.

    Siut:Hamsters,Gerbil,Dwarf,Chinchilla,Sugar Glider,Squirrel,Netherland Dwarf,Guinea Pig,Hedgehogs,Chipmunk,Dwarf Hotot,etc.

    Package Included:

    1x school bag, 1x shoulder strap

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