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USB Charging GBS Tracker Collar For Dog Cat Pets Tracking Device GSM AGPS LBS SOS Monitor Recorder For Elderly Children Pets

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    Advantages of GPS locator:
    1. Ultra-small size, GPS positioning is accurate to within 5 meters, and can be located globally.
    2. The call is clear and remotely controlled.
    3. Computer, mobile phone APP to view baby and convenient.
    4. It is more convenient to set up management accounts and manage multiple devices.

    Coordination of small size and long standby
    Size: 50 * 30 * 15mm
    Working time: 7 days (set up to upload positioning data every 10 minutes)
    Standby time: 15 days
    GPS + WIFI + LBS positioning (priority GPS positioning accuracy) (first GPS positioning and then LBS in WIFI)
    The audio format WAV / time is synchronized with Beijing time / the path is taken out TF and placed in MP3 can be played directly / connected to the computer to read the disk

    000 # number # number # number # (Bind three mobile phone numbers)
    111 (10 minutes pause for SMS recording)
    222 (voice-controlled recording pauses for 5 minutes)
    333 (voice-controlled call-back call)
    444 (delete all contents of memory)
    555 (turn off all functions)
    666 (vibration alarm message)
    777 (vibration alarm phone)
    888 (play memory recording — play as follows and then pause and play — if there is a switch button, short press to pause)
    999 (SMS positioning)

    * Automatic language switching *
    0086 switch Chinese
    0044 switch English
    789 (upload 10 seconds voice to ftp)
    123 # 1/0 (turn on / off automatic upload positioning)

    Product Features:
    l Multiple positioning modes: GPS + AGPS + LBS + WIFI
    l Universal GSM + GPRS quad-band system: 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz
    l Automatic time update: GPS accurate timing, no need to manually adjust the time
    l Positioning query: You can query the user’s specific location via mobile phone or computer
    l Electronic fence: define an area on the map centered on the device
    l Historical track: query the running track of the device within three months anytime and anywhere
    l SOS for help: In an emergency, press the SOS button to send a call and message to the guardian
    l Baby Address Book: Add supervision number (SOS, father, mother) / whitelist / friends (50 in total) through the guardian ’s mobile phone APP
    l Two-way conversation: users can talk to each other with the phone number
    l Voice intercom: it can record the environmental sound, and it will be automatically transmitted to the guardian ’s mobile phone, which can realize multi-person family group intercom
    l Add friend: APP adds device number, shake two watches at the same time to add friend phone number
    l Pedometer: can measure the user’s walking data
    l Rewards: Rewards are issued through the guardian ’s mobile APP, and users can view the reward progress
    l Gesture answering: raise the hand and arm to answer the call automatically
    l Bright screen: Double-click the watch twice to light up the screen
    l Watch style: Short press the right button (sos) on the clock interface to switch
    l Looking for the watch: if the watch is lost, you can find the watch through the mobile APP
    l Health: Check the user’s sports mileage and calories through the guardian’s mobile phone APP
    l Watch alarm: set by the guardian ’s mobile phone APP
    l Anti-disturbance mode for class: set the time range of do not disturb through the guardian ’s mobile phone APP, the watch blocks voice and incoming calls
    l Remote monitoring: high-sensitivity microphone, real-time monitoring of the surrounding sound when the user has an emergency
    l Remote monitoring: take pictures of the watch through the APP instructions of the guardian ’s mobile phone, upload them to the guardian ’s mobile phone, and check the surrounding environment of the user, or upload pictures on the watch side to interact with the guardian
    l Remote shutdown: The watch’s shutdown function can be realized through the guardian’s mobile phone APP
    l Remote restart: the watch restart function can be realized through the guardian mobile phone APP
    l Smart power saving: set the time range through the guardian ’s mobile phone APP, turn off / on GPS and data upload
    l Watch anti-pickup alarm: when the watch comes off, it will send an alarm message to the guardian ’s mobile phone APP
    l Mobile client / GZH / computer service platform, multiple control methods

    Packing list
    Package Included:
    1 X Locator
    1 X Lanyard
    1 X Silicone Case
    1 X Data Cable
    1 X Pet Collar

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